Bamboo Sushi Lounge

Welcome to Bamboo Sushi Lounge and if you love all things sushi then you are definitely in the right place. Since opening our doors in 2009 Bamboo Sushi Lounge have always strived to be pioneers with regards to Sushi and the South African market. Bamboo Sushi Lounge started off by finding a gap in the market to be the first to bring the all you can eat Sushi Buffet. But since then they have tried to find new ways to keep pushing themselves ahead of everyone else offering sushi and have found themselves in a very different place to where they began.

Bamboo Sushi Lounge is now on a new journey to offer sushi that caters for the local market. Many people have different definitions to what sushi is, did you know that sushi is a japanese dish consisting of small cakes of rice with a topping. That is why they are so proud to bring a whole new range of sushi, even to those who don’t eat raw fish by offering Crumbed Calamari, Asian Duck, Beef, Tempura Fish, Smoked Marlin and many others. They have decided this is just the start with their new range and hope to update this on a regular basis. If you would like to view the new items and the new menu then click here.

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